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From the office of the Principal:

Revving Up Reading
Use these creative tips at home to reinforce the skills your child learns at school

* Ask for predictions. When reading a book with your child, stop occasionally to ask what he thinks might happen next—it doesn't matter if his hunches are correct. Asking for predictions helps you gauge his reading comprehension and encourages him to pay very close attention to what he is reading.

* Work as you go. Don’t leave the gathering of information until the end of a long reading assignment. As your child reads, have him identify on sticky notes the who, where/when, problem, and solution of each section.

* Play word games . Dedicate each week to mastering a specific word sound. For instance, find 10 things in your house that contain the “kuh” sound—his coat, backpack, clock, or kitten. Serve carrots, cucumbers, and milk for dinner. Find the kings and jacks in a pack of cards.

* Translate figures of speech. For kids with language-based learning disorders, reading that a character "took the bull by the horns" can stop them cold. Together, compile a list of expressions and what they mean.

* Use alternate formats. Allow your child to follow along with books on tape or let her substitute alternate chapters from a novel with CliffsNotes or other abridged material.

Clutter-Free and Ready to Learn
Build organizational systems that keep papers and supplies in their proper place.

* Bring order to your child's room. Separate ongoing projects, finished work, and school and art supplies into labeled bins, folders, file cabinets, or an under-bed box. Provide a shelf for books and a bulletin board for reminders. Organize her locker in a similar manner.

* Simplify the flow of papers. Homework, permission slips, and PTA letters are easily lost or crumpled during transitions. Buy three clear, pocket-type folders—labeled "Mail," "Homework to Do," and "Completed Homework"—to keep papers organized.

* Post a master calendar. It should show all upcoming activities, projects, and deadlines. Keep it in a central place where it will be seen before school. To help with time management, use a timer. Make a game out of predicting how long various activities take.

* Give your child a pad of sticky notes, and encourage him to post special reminders on mirrors, doors, and elsewhere.

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Trent Osborne                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       7-12 Principal



Mr. Trent Osborne

7-12 Principal & Athletic/Activities Director

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Mr. Osborne's Schedule




 7:30 -  8:30 0     OFFICE/A.D.
 8:30 -  9:22 1      OFFICE/A.D.
 9:26 - 10:16 2      OFFICE/A.D./DDN - AP Calculus
10:20 - 11:10 3      OFFICE/A.D.
11:14 - 12:04 4      OFFICE/ A.D.
12:04 - 12:37 LUNCH      SUPERVISION/DDN - AP English
12:37 -  1:27 5      OFFICE/A.D.
 1:31 -  2:21 6      OFFICE/ A.D.
 2:25 -  3:15 7      OFFICE/A.D.

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